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Date Posted: April 2, 2014

The biggest and baddest snow of the 2013-2014 season took Truckee and the surrounding ski hills by surprise, as the Late March--Early April snow storms pounded the Sierras with a week of wild weather! WOW!!!!!!! The Dependable Snow Removal crew was out in full force starting Wednesday afternoon (3/26) when the snow level dropped and the heavy rain turned to all snow in the Sierras. It snowed all night into Thursday during the first wave... I-80 went to chain control... snow plows tried to keep up... weather got crazy fast!

The cold storm-track dropped out of the Gulf of Alaska, and heavy rain battered the Bay Area and Foothills before hitting the mountains as heavy snow. The storm pattern lasted almost a week. The Auburn Kid reported off-and-on torrential downpours west of Truckee, "What drought?" he laughed from his northern California headquarters. The Kid compared it to a windy midwest rain. My mom, our new Bay Area weather observer, reported heavy precipitation all week... she hunkered down most of the time, not liking to drive in the rain... she just celebrated her 90th birthday and is still a tireless reporter. THANKS MOM!!! Wet storm after wet storm steadily moved east toward the Sierras, turning to heavy snow over the passes and then at lake level.

Tahoe Donner Dude reported that the higher streets got the most snow during the week long storm cycle. Skislope and upper Nothwoods Blvd. got hit hard, "There was several feet of new snow up by the downhill ski area," he said, "and huge snow drifts on my own deck and driveway on Northwoods!" Downtown was a madhouse too. We gave Downtown Doug the week off to visit relatives so snow-shoveler J.D. took his dad's reporting duties. "The Safeway parking lot was an utter mess," he said in a telephone interview, "and Donner Pass Road had bumper to bumper traffic!"

Donner Summit also got many feet of Spring snow during the series of strong blizzards... Donner Pass was in chain control for days. Little J at Boreal reported "a lot of fresh new snow at the "Hill" and lots of stoked skiers and boarders!" He said that a skier was lost up on Andesite Ridge Monday night when he took a wrong turn. He eventually made it out safely many hours later! (Like 12-year-old Virginia Reed, Donner Party survivor, said: "...don't take no cutoffs!" By early April, 1847, all of the surviving Donner Party had either snow-shoed out over Donner Summit, or were rescued at the Donner Lake and Alder Creek camps).

Donner Summit had the most new snow by far--one Donner Summit snow-shoveler encountered almost six feet of new snow up on Serene Road. The top of Alpine Meadows also got a lot of fresh snow from the wave of powerful storms! And one of our top shovelers, Cisco, called the fresh powder at Sugarbowl "totally Epic." It was definitely a major Spring snow-event... and a great way to end March and start April. Although no new storms are forecast, "It probably isn't over," said Little J at Boreal, "It will snow again!" When it does, will be here... BE SAFE!!!

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Date Posted: March 2, 2014

The latest series of snow storms finished off February with a Wild Winter Bang, bringing lots of snow, especially to the highest elevations! It started to snow late Wednesday night (Feb. 26) and I-80 went to chain control over Donner Summit soon after. Chainer Tom was ankle-deep in snow and frozen slush for the next two days, "Got to have 'em!" Tom said from his mobile chaining headquarters.

Squaw Valley got close to 4 feet of new snow in the higher slopes and Alpine Meadows got 3 feet plus. Sugar Bowl also got about 4 feet. It snowed day and night.

Little J at Boreal told us that they had over a foot in the parking lot and "much more up high." He had his worker, Zach, plowing while he supervised the chair-lift maintenance operations. "The mountain is fully opened now so tell people to get out here and enjoy the new snow" Little J yelled from behind the chair-lift motor. Little J is a direct descendant of Tamsen Donner. On this day in 1847, the stranded Donner Party gladly welcomed rescuers a few miles away at Donner Lake and Alder Creek! The pioneers were trapped by heavy snow we haven't seen this year... yet!

Downtown Doug was busy helping customers at Mountain Hardware during the storm, "It was chaotic to say the least," Doug smiled as he helped someone find some ice-melt. He told us that the store is still well stocked with everything Truckee residents will need for the rest of the winter. They sold a lot of chains during the blizzard conditions.... boots and gloves too.

Tahoe Donner Dude reported that Northwoods Blvd. "...was OK, but the side streets were hard to get around on!!!" The wet snow made driving difficult at times. "There were several stuck cars," he reported,"People need to slow down!"

A new member of the reporting staff is Chainer Tom's brother, "The Auburn Kid". He will give us the rain-conditions from the foothills so we can better predict snowfall timing here in the mountains, "The heavy rain started on Wednesday... and it has been pretty steady," he said during a phone interview Saturday night, "...the eastbound I-80 traffic was a slow go down here!" He said it "just feels like rain." Welcome on board "Kid."

The National Weather Service is predicting more snow in the higher elevations for early March with new storms possible through next Saturday (three years ago it snowed over 20 feet in March... and I remember a 10 foot April not too many years back.) Webmaster Shaun and our reporters will keep you informed throughout the season... pray for snow... remember to set your clocks forward next week... always carry a shovel when driving... and be safe everybody!!! ;-)


Date Posted: February 11, 2014

The Sierra was pounded with heavy snow Friday, Feb. 7, and blizzard conditions hit Truckee hard most of the day. The heavy snowfall started late Thursday night and I-80 was soon in chain control... "It was one of the biggest snowstorms of the year on Friday," said Tahoe Donner Dude, "...there were snow drifts several feet high and zero visibility on some of the streets!" He told me that conditions were miserable! Chainer Tom chained-up vehicles Thursday night through Saturday...

Unfortunately, the snow level rose on Saturday and most areas were then hammered with heavy rain... only the Summit and tops of the ski hills got the heavy snow during the weekend. "It turned town into a real mess on Saturday, " said Downtown Doug's son, J.D. He is one of Dependable Snow Removal's top shovelers and is taking over his dad's reporting duties while Doug vacations in Hawaii with Little J from Boreal and their wives. Even with the rain, there was a lot of heavy snow, ice and slush removal... some berms were huge... many roofs slid... conditions were very wet...

Two new storm systems are looming in the Pacific: one, predicted to hit on Sunday, Feb. 16... another, more powerful snow producer, may reach the Sierra's around Wednesday, Feb. 19, two days after the President's Day holiday! The National Weather Service predicts a chance for heavy snow! The Dependable Snow Removal Team of reporters and the ever-diligent, Webmaster Shaun will continue to keep you updated about changing weather and road conditions. is always your best source for both weather and road information... Be safe out there, everybody!!! :-)

January ends with new snow; more storms coming!!!

Date Posted: February 2, 2014

A powerful new snow storm blanketed the Sierra with fresh snow on Wednesday night and most of Thursday to end a dry January. Record drought continues to plague the western U.S. so the newest snow was much needed... and the National Weather Service reports a series of new storms are looming in the Pacific, which are due to hit the Sierra late Wednesday, Feb 5. Hopefully the latest storm is a sign of things to come, and February and March will be snowy!

The Truckee-Tahoe Unified School District called the first SNOW DAY of the year and the entire western Sierra was under a Winter Storm Warning.

Tahoe Donner Dude reported that the Town of Truckee snow plows were out in full force by early Thursday morning when the snow level dropped, "The roads were very icy," he said.

Chain control on Interstate 80 began late Wednesday and remained in effect until early Thursday. Chainer Tom chained up vehicles all night long from his mobile chaining unit, "I-80 was under chain control most of the night... it was a mess!!" said Tom from his mobile phone. Tom is the best in the business!

Downtown Doug told me that town was a slow go... Mountain Hardware was extra busy due to the storm and the snow day. Doug assured me that the hardware store was well stocked with winter supplies, "We're not getting out the lawn mowers any time soon," Doug smiled as he greeted customers, "... tell people we have the best new snow blowers in town!" Mountain Hardware is Truckee's winter supply headquarters.

Little J at Boreal reported that they opened more of the mountain up, and that the skiing and riding was the best around. He, Tom and Doug are all getting ready for the new snow predicted for the end of the week... the early February storms are suppose to last for days, and could drop feet of snow before it is over. As usual, will keep you updated about the local weather and road conditions. Be safe!! :-)

Newest Snow Storm Hits the Sierras for December

Date Posted: December 11, 2013

The newest snow storm brought much needed snow to Truckee and the surrounding ski areas. Up to three feet fell in the higher elevations and Tahoe Donner Dude reported that many side streets were hard to negotiate. "I saw a lot of stuck cars out there, " he said. Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley roads were also tough going at the height of the storm. I-80 was under chain control for much of Friday and Saturday. Chainer Tom was busy chaining up trucks trying to make it over Donner Summit. "Chain 'em on up" is Tom's now famous motto! :-)

Downtown Doug, manager of Mountain Hardware on Donner Pass Road, was busy helping customers throughout the storm, "We have everything the people of Truckee need for the winter season" said Doug from the counter. You can get ice melt, chains, shovels, and winter clothes at Mountain Hardware seven days a week!

Little J at Boreal was busy keeping the parking lot clear for skiers and snow boarders as the storm pounded Donner Summit. He said they have several lifts open now! "Tell people to get up here and enjoy all the new snow" Little J yelled from his snow plow! Boreal is always one of the first ski hills to open in California.

Dependable Snow Removal snow blowers and shovelers were out in full force clearing snow and ice. Record cold temperatures mean an increased propane usage so the workers always read the propane tank percentages and report low readings to the gas companies. will continue to alert you to changing winter weather and road conditions throughout December. Webmaster Shaun is always busy at his computer desk while the workers are out clearing snow at customers's homes. Be safe out there everyone! More snow is definitely on the way...

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Soda Springs 10 ft
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