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More Snow Falls in the Sierra Just Before Christmas Break

Date Posted: December 22, 2014

(TRUCKEE, CA) The newest snowstorm blanketed the Truckee-Lake Tahoe area with fresh powder Friday the 19th as ski hills prepared for the weekend crowds. Tahoe Donner Dude reported snow on Northwoods Blvd. by early morning, "The snow started coming down heavily with the biggest flakes of the season," said The Dude, "The downhill area is up and running." By 11:00am, chains were required on Interstate 80, on all vehicles except four wheel drive vehicles with snow tires on all four wheels from Truckee to one mile east of Baxter. Alpine Meadows, Squaw Valley, and Tahoe City were all getting heavy snow by noon. Snow shovelers also reported heavy snow in Truckee and Donner Lake.

Downtown Doug said that Mountain Hardware sold a lot of chains during the storm to motorists trying to get over Donner Summit. "The chains were flying off the shelves," Doug told me (Mountain Hardware is the best source for all your winter needs including boots, gloves and caps). Over a foot of snow fell in Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows before letting up in the early afternoon, and Dependable Snow Removal workers were busy getting second-homeowners in for the weekend. It then snowed lightly into the night.

Donner Summit also got major snow on Friday. Little J at Boreal reported a steady snowfall at the resort as he performed maintenance, "We were doing a load-test on Lion's Head Chair for a drive modification," he said by telephone, "to make a more comfortable ride for skiers and boarders." Little J said that snow was "accumulating on the hill" even on Saturday. He had been working nonstop at Boreal and for our snow blog, and was getting a couple of well deserved days off Sunday and Monday.

The next storm system is due to hit the area on Christmas day, just in time for the Truckee kids to try out their new skies and snowboards. The National Weather Service Predicted that snow is likely and that freezing cold temperatures will follow. This means that things will be icy for awhile... the Dependable Snow Removal ice-maintenance technicians will be out in full force applying safe ice-melt and also carefully chipping away the ice for safety and convenience... please be careful walking and driving this holiday.

Merry Christmas from everyone at Dependable Snow Removal... and my mom sends a special Season's Greeting from the Bay Area where she will be monitoring the weather through the holiday. "Happy New Year, Truckee!" said The Auburn Kid from his Foothill weather headquarters... BE SAFE EVERYONE!!!!

Donner Party History

(On this day in 1846, it continued to snow hard on the Donner Party, at both Alder Creek and Donner Lake (then called Truckey's Lake). Patrick Breen wrote in his diary: "Tue. 22nd Snowed all last night. Continued to snow all day with some few intermissions...I am well today. Praise be to God in heaven." It also snowed on the Snowshoe Party and they remained in their camp all day. According to William Eddy's journal, "The snow fell all night and increased one foot in depth." The snowshoers were trying to get help for their fellow travelers, snowbound in the Truckee camps.)

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